Do you ever wanted or dream to get a dog with two personalities? A lot of pet owners dream to own a dog with a different breed German shepherd and husky mix is the only dog who is high in demand right now. This dog is the mix between a German shepherd and Siberian husky also known as “GERBERIAN SHEPSKY’’. It is one of the most beautiful dogs you can ever ask for and very rare to find as well. They have the blue piercing eye and very big from as compared to normal dog’s appearance. You want a working and guard dog he is the one who can perform all the tasks for you. The two in one combination of this breed is something you can’t get to see every day. You should consider yourself lucky to won this kind of pet because it has both loyalty and characteristics of a family dog.

It is obvious that you are known about both breeds separately and known what German shepherd is capable of doing things and qualities of a reliable pet and Siberian husky makes a great choice which the every person of the house can play in a friendly way.

With that being said below you will find out some real facts about is German shepherd and husky mix dog, the ideal choice for your family as hybrid breed to help you understand which are the characteristics this dog has that make him different, How is the temperament of it? Can he get trained more quickly? Is there any health issues involved in this crossbreed? And how he behaves with other animals and children?

Which are the characteristics this dog has that make him different?

You will see that having this hybrid breed is an absolute delight as a pet. You will experience something very unique about this dog. Here are some of the characteristics you really should know including,

1) Highly intelligent
2) Sober personality
3) Does a lot of exercises
4) Hyperactive
5) Very socialized
6) Do not shed
7) Can tolerate heat cold at high temperature
8) Fast reflexes

German shepherd and husky mix

How is the temperament of it?

The dog has very calm and extremely gentle temperament. Most people fear it because of its big size and shape, but in reality, it is a very fun loving dog. It has high energy and spirit to play. But when time comes they see something unusually happen they surely protect your family. Many of the federal organizations have also owned it as their guard dog.

Can German shepherd and husky mix trained more quickly?

You need to make sure the time you won this pet you need to give him training as soon as possible. You will see that with his intelligence and strong mindset he can quickly adapt. The great thing about him is that you can take to any school, park, or open ground for training and in each session, he will improve naturally.

Is there any health issues involved in this crossbreed?

Most of the hybrid dogs do not share common health problems as the other dogs unless they are inherited from their parents. They surely have minor health issues but still need to take them to your local pet clinic for regular checkups.

How he behaves with other animals and children?

Once you bring home German shepherd and husky mix dog, you will see that his behavior will look friendlier and your kids are going to love him unconditionally and make friends out of other animals as well.

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