There is no denying that bananas are one of the most favorite fruits for human beings which they eat without having a second thought. So, here comes the main question is there any possibility that are bananas good for dogs as well? As a pet owner, many people tries so many different things on their dog’s diet plan to see how they react to each treat or snack. Just like human can’t get enough from the bananas exactly like that dogs can’t even resist. They also have a mouth and know which taste they like. But the most important thing is that could dog get constipation from eating it because some dog owners mistakenly feed those bananas having peels in it. They may be not toxic inside, but their peels have several circumstances. If we as humans eat them without peels so how come we can’t think of our pets.

Bananas can be perfect for dogs to get moderation. For some of you who don’t know that dogs are called “omnivore’’ who can eat anything. They are always looking for a source of energy, and they can only get in bananas.

For this particular reason, we have listed some real facts about in which age are bananas good for dogs as their favorite healthy snack instead of other fruits to help you understand what are the benefits of eating bananas for dogs? How many bananas thy should eat? What is the right time for you to feed them? And why you need to put them on their list in the first place?

are bananas good for dogsWhat are the benefits of eating bananas for dogs?

In the first thought, bananas are safe for dogs at any age from puppy to an adult, they are non-toxic only when you gave them without peels. They are mostly known to improve their bowel movements and can protect dog’s stomach from infections. Here are some benefits of bananas,

1) Ideal for dog’s blood vessels
2) Vitamin C
3) Copper
4) Potassium
5) Best to lower cholesterol
6) Complete the sugar cells

How much are bananas good for dogs to eat?

Bananas are the vast source of food. You can’t only throw the one big piece of it in his mouth where it gets stuck. Dogs need it for moderation, and few slices of them can do just fine, Just look out for those signs where a banana is not very soft or has black dots in it.

What is the right time for you feed them?

Humans can eat this fruit on anytime, but for dogs, the best time is at morning because it takes a time to digest this high nutrient fruit. If your dog does not like it and still is essential then try to mix it with other recipes with peanut butter or with coconut flour or flakes.

Why do you need to put them on their list in the first place?

It will make easier for you to make a list for their diet plan as pet owner and place bananas on the list at number one so you can feed them to puppies or adult dogs.

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