Some Essential Tips you Should know before giving Apples to your Dogs

are apples good for dogs

We all know that feeding our beloved pets with their specialized dog food every day is the perfect thing for their health. But sometimes it can be frustrating by giving them the same amount of food on a daily basis they can become overreacted to it. So it might be the right time to introduce them to some fantastic food like apples because for many owners the biggest question whether or not their dogs will eat those delicious apples that are very tasty for the human. One thing is for sure apples are filled with so many natural nutrients that humans can imagine, but still, everyone has their doubts about are Apple safe for dogs. There are some people who accidentally feed apples to their pets the one they have eaten or sometimes the whole one piece in their mouth and their dogs ended up dead or results could be severe in that process.

The thing is even so many people own a dog they still don’t know how to feed apples appropriately to them in the safest way. Your dog is not a toy to play with in which you treated him the way you like it and gave him apples in the most inappropriate way. You won’t have to worry about a single thing if you go with the right plan and know how your pet likes to eat them and swallow because they are not snacks or dog food but rather more fascinating thing.

For this significant reason below we listed the facts about some essential tips you should know before giving apples to your dogs to help you understand why apples are the only fruit dogs loves to eat, and which of the tips you have to follow that can prove safe for your pet’s health.

Why are apples the only fruit dogs loves to eat?

There is no denying that dogs have that sense of smell which they can know what is best for them but still they are animals, so you have to be careful you only provide them with specific one. So in many ways can dogs eat apples has proven right because of its sweetness and incredibly tasty. The perfect dogs treat for their appetite and nutritional values.


Which of the tops have you to follow that can prove safe for your pet’s health?

It is imperative that you actually notice your dog’s behavior and make sure apples you are giving him are in well condition here are few of the tips such as,

1) Remove the seeds immediately:

When you have made up your mind feeding apples, try to remove the seed from apples because they hold dangerous threat for the dogs and could get stuck in their throat and upset their tummy very hard to digest due to their digestive system.

2) Always feed in small quantity:

You were probably making a big mistake when you gave him the whole apple in one, and This is not how dogs would eat but try a different approach and make them into small pieces so they can fit in their mouth.

3) Only give one apple in a week:

Many people feed apples to dogs without thinking how they will react and give them more than one apple but it can ruin their diet plan so always try to feed him one apple in a week or one apple slice in a day.

4) Only use hydrated apples:

Never give dehydrated apples because due to lack of water it won’t do any good unless they are hydrated. Also, make sure they are not rotten and go for the fresh ones so your dogs can enjoy full sweetness in them.

5) Never feed the apple skin or core:

You have to make certain that you cut the skin and remove the core and only gave them apples from the sides in this way they can swallow easily.

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